Do any of the following apply?

  1. Your practice/grsurvival guideoup has merged with another group or become part of a large multi-specialty practice?
  2. One or more of your hospitals has been bought by a regional system?
  3. The chair/senior partner/CEO of your department/practice has retired, quit or moved on?
  4. Your academic medical system has impacted your practice dramatically through acquisition of numerous remote community hospitals?


These are just some of the many changes that we as physicians are regularly facing. With the rapidly transforming health care environment, physicians are increasingly confronted with alterations in their practice environment. It is time to take control!


change 3Here are some useful rules about change:


  • Always be prepared for what may come next
  • Open your mind, see change as an opportunity rather than as an obstacle
  • Don’t fall prey to thinking or acting in clichés
  • Embrace a process that is proactive


As physicians, we embrace and adapt well to change as it relates to patient care (for example new pharmaceuticals, new surgical techniques, new technology) but are less facile with respect to alterations in our practice environment. Studies have shown that physician job satisfaction is at an all time low, largely attributed to the pace and impact of change on our work. Let Benzil Zusman, LLC offer you some practical and implementable solutions you can use right now. Future blogs will cover these crucial topics:

  1. How to position yourself on “the inside” when important institutional change is happening
  2. How to decide what are the key features of your upcoming negotiations?
  3. Why building bridges can help you manage change
  4. Managing conflict in your work environment
  5. Inspired leadership: how to get it and use it to advantage


Benzil Zusman, LLC welcomes you and hopes these pieces will help physicians on this scary but important journey.

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